1000.07.08.16 | nnbusinessview.com


Rapid Fire Marketing, Inc.’s newly appointed CEO, Ziyad Osachi, announced the business’s milestones for the next twelve months as follows:

1. Bring our reporting current with the SEC. This is being undertaken at the present time and we expect to be current shortly.

2. Add additional members to our board of directors. This will NOT be a one man show. We hope to have a well-rounded, experienced and versatile Board.

3. Seek profitable ventures in all sectors in the MMJ/CBD industry. The ventures include; dispensary and retail consulting, farming logistics, real estate acquisitions, finance and banking opportunities, vaping devices and vape manufacturing, extraction IP and technical consulting, security, CBD manufacturing, distribution, and CBD branding. In conjunction therewith we intend to expand the PocketPuffer™. I know it’s been a long time coming. We currently have four different versions of the PocketPuffer™ already in design and production. We want to make certain that the PocketPuffer™ is not only a single delivery device, but the entire PocketPuffer™ family of devices are user friendly to all different types of medical delivery. We also want to be sure its uses cover a broad range of demographics.

4. Build a profitable business but create a sustainable, growth oriented enterprise that focuses on shareholder value and investment return. We want each and every division leader to be held accountable, with clear and decisive benchmarks to measure our future success. Over the coming quarters, these goals will be laid out in crystal-clear fashion in an effort to maintain maximum transparency.