Bar exam graduates |

Bar exam graduates

NNBW staff

Forty-three people from northern Nevada passed the state bar examination in July, the Nevada Board of Bar Examiners said last week.

By city, those who passed the exam include:

Reno: Bryce C. Alstead, Timothy M. Clausen, Bryan Fernley-Gonzalez, Frank C. Gilmore, Emily Gust, John C. Dorame, Emily Hancock, Christopher P. Hazlett-Stevens, Elizabeth A. High, Stephan J. Hollandsworth, Michelle N. Kazmar, Michael J. Kennedy, Wayne O. Klomp, Adam G. Lang, Michael W. Large, Kenneth R. Lund, Brian S. Pick, Christine M. Schwamberger, Tehan W. Slocum, Daniel R. Smith, Kristie A. Tappan, Jill M. Vacchina, Fred M. Wallace and Lance C. White.

Sparks: Erin E. Dart, Robert W. DeLong, Sarah K. Flores, Jessica Longley, Aziz N. Merchant, Holly S. Parker, Christopher B. Reich and Aliston J. Testa,

Carson City: Kerry A. Benson, Charity A. Fowler and Todd E. Reese.

Minden: Justina A. Caviglia, Ethan R. Hasenstein, Kristen M. Landerfelt, Clark G. Leslie, and Martin C. Walsh.

Virginia City: Gudjon A. Knutsen.

Ely: Sarah A. Bradley. Spring Creek: Chad B. Thompson.


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