Blüming in Midtown |

Blüming in Midtown

Brook Bentley
Interior of Blüm's medical dispensary in Las Vegas. The Midtown location will be similar.
Courtesy of Blüm |

Owners of Blüm Reno are looking forward to calling Midtown home.

The location at 1085 South Virginia Street, near Vassar Street, will be the first northern Nevada location for Blüm, a medical marijuana dispensary.

“Blüm Reno is about making our patients feel welcomed and have them walk away with more knowledge then when they came in,” Blüm spokesman Mikel Alvarez said in an email.

Blüm Reno will strive to offer a high-end experience at an affordable price, he said.

In a phone interview, Alvarez explained that the building permit was expected to be completed June 22, following a delay to make changes requested by the building department. The demolition part of the project to remodel the building was already in hand before the building permit was completed.“We have started our demo,” Alvarez clarified.

Blüm will be part of a chain of dispensaries run by MediFarm I. The northern Nevada operations have been the focus of Heidi Hegerich while the Las Vegas locations have remained a focus for Terra Tech; Hegerich and Terra Tech each hold 50 percent interest in MediFarm I. There are also plans under way for grow farm operations in Las Vegas and eventually Washoe County.

MediFarm I Real Estate purchased 1085 South Virginia Street in 2015 for $1.2 million from Scotland Yard Spy Shop owners David and Debbie Currier. The Curriers acquired new property across the street for the Scotland Yard Spy Shop.

The other tenants of 1085 South Virginia Street are The Studio, which is a yoga and massage studio along with their juice bar and café. The Studio and café are located upstairs on the second floor.

“They believe the clientele for their yoga studio is the clientele that will also use the services of the dispensary downstairs,” Alvarez explained in regards to The Studio and Blüm being in the same building.

Blüm’s space is 3,640 square feet with about half that space being used for front of house operations. Brothers Bill and Jesse Haw of Upland Contractors have been working on the project.

Blüm Reno plans to open in late August or early September.

The Blüm website explains their operations:, “At Blüm Reno, we pride ourselves on providing consistently friendly service to all our valued medicinal cannabis patients. Our knowledgeable staff will be well versed in all the medicine we offer. Our budtenders will be able to help you understand our proprietary IVXX™ brand of premium medical cannabis, including flowers, shatters, waxes and oils, among other high-quality cannabis products from a range of reputable providers of superior grade medical cannabis. They will be able to walk you through our menu and help you choose the medicine that is right for you. We will also offer unsweetened topical and ingestible medications.”

Alvarez explained that Blüm Reno will have two private consult rooms for a one-on-one experience allowing their budtenders to educate and consult with patients on what is best for their needs.

“Some patients are nervous,” he said. “It is a new industry.”

Blüm Reno will also have nine workstations where patients can work with budtenders to get customized medicine for their needs.

Concierge services like picking patients up and delivering to patients are also part of Blüm’s mentality. They are heavy believers in services and creating a nice experience, Alvarez explained.

“We always wanted to be in Midtown,” Alvarez said.

Blüm has joined the MidTown District Reno association in advance of opening for business. They also recently donated the money to have the mural on the back of Junkees redone as part of ArtTown this year.

“It is about giving back to the community and being a part of Midtown,” Alvarez said.

“This is a long term vision. We are investing in the community.”

Blüm also has plans to add elements to the outside of its building, “fitting in with the Midtown look,” Alvarez explained.

Blüm Reno believes they have the means to provide both medical and recreational services at their dispensary should the vote for legalization in Nevada pass. For now, however Blüm is working with Fountain of Youth wellness center to align their vision for the medical marijuana industry moving forward and to provide excellent services to their patients starting late August, early September.


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