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Burned out? Stressed out?

Jane Boucher

Are you at risk for burnout or depression?

The simple answer is yes. Everybody is at risk for burnout or depression, especially when you are doing more work with fewer resources. It is the wise person who keeps an eye on their stress level.

This brief quiz will help you determine whether or not you should be concerned about the possibility of burnout or depression and your current risk. Only a doctor can determine the diagnosis for your symptoms.

On a piece of paper, write out each of the symptoms listed below. Next to each, respond with the following numbers: 3-Frequently; 2-Occasionally; 1-Rarely/Never.

In the past two weeks, I have been:

1. Disinterested in things I used to enjoy

2. Experiencing wide mood swings

3. Feeling irritable and anxious

4. Feeling my life is out of control

5. Overwhelmed by everyday affairs and trivial problems

6. Feeling useless and unneeded

7. Having difficulty sleeping

8. Noticing a decrease or increase in my appetite

9. Feeling tired with little energy for no apparent reason

10. Experiencing unexplained physical ailments (headaches, indigestion, backaches, rapid heartbeat)

11. Losing concentration or the ability to concentrate

12. Crying frequently over small things

Scoring: Below 18 = low risk; 18-12 = moderate risk; Over 23 = high risk.

Your score may help you decide on a life change you have been mulling over to take a less stressful job or even begin to plan for your retirement. In the past few decades, many American families have decided to leave the fast lane behind. Some take less stressful jobs. Others open a small family business of their own. Still others down-size their houses or move to smaller towns. Less radical solutions include joining a fitness club or changing eating habits.

No matter what your score is, visit your family doctor anyway. Annual wellness check-ups never hurt anyone.

Jane Boucher is an author and professional speaker with offices in Reno. Reach her at 853-0226 or jane@janeboucher.com.


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