Filament unveils Blockchain hardware device in USB form |

Filament unveils Blockchain hardware device in USB form

NNBW staff
Filament on May 14 unveiled its Blocklet USB device for existing IoT devices.
Courtesy Asa Gilmore

RENO, Nev. — Reno company Filament, a provider of comprehensive blockchain solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), recently introduced its latest “Blocklet” hardware device in a USB form, designed to enable existing industrial and enterprise machines to securely execute transactions on a blockchain.

Because the new device can be used on any system with a USB port, it reportedly enables the world’s largest companies — and established businesses of all sizes — to “significantly accelerate blockchain proof of concept, pilot project and production deployments,” according to a May 14 statement from Filament.

The Blocklet Chip hardware was first introduced in January. The USB component enables machines and devices to transact data or economic value with each other; provide cryptographically verifiable attestations of the source and content of data; maintain immutable records of an asset’s chain of custody across complex supply chains involving multiple parties; and provide provenance records for determining the origin and lifecycle history of goods.

The device will be available for proof of concept, beta testing and pilot projects in June, the company announced. Go to to learn more.


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