Itronics ramps up silver bullion production |

Itronics ramps up silver bullion production

NNBW Staff

Itronics Inc., a zinc fertilizer and silver producing green technology developer based in Reno, is continuing to expand silver bullion production.

Per melt silver bullion production has been increased by 24 percent due to process improvements that have been made since May, and is on track to increase another 11 percent for a total of 35 percent by year end.

The process utilizes e-scrap (ground up computer circuit boards) as a “cost reducing” precious metal bearing raw material.

Itronics is also now conducting a third refining campaign to produce its third silver bullion shipment this year. This bullion shipment is expected in the first quarter of 2018. The pilot scale refining is on-going and is now regularly producing silver bullion and silver-bearing glass, which are being sold. This production is non-seasonal and will stabilize Itronics’ sales as production expands.

The company has also made a shipment of silver-bearing matte and a second shipment of silver- bearing glass to its refiner this quarter. The matte shipment is expected to settle before the end of the year. The glass shipment is expected either just before Christmas or early in January 2018.


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