Nevada educational innovation commission one step closer to reality |

Nevada educational innovation commission one step closer to reality

Geoff Dornan

Nevada Appeal

CARSON CITY, Nev. — The Senate Education Committee on Friday, April 13, gave its blessing to SB91, creating a Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education.

The commission would be charged with developing a “statewide vision and implementation plan” to improve Nevada schools. It would conduct a study of high performing international and domestic educational systems and compare them with Nevada’s system.

The commission would consist of 25 members representing a variety of stakeholders and meet at least quarterly. Its charge would be to make recommendations on how Nevada can adapt the policies of those high performing education systems into Nevada’s public education system.

Sen. Joyce Woodhouse, D-Henderson, said the bill was developed after a study of 13 countries with high-performing educational systems and mirrors a bill approved in Maryland three years ago which she said is having “phenomenal results.”

Sen. Marcia Washington, D-North Las Vegas, asked whether anything like this has been done before.

“No, we have never had a commission look at all of K-12 and Pre-K,” said Woodhouse.

SB91 will have to be referred to the Senate Finance Committee because it would cost an estimated $368,834 this coming two year cycle and $182,698 every year after that.


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