Nevada Gov. Sandoval unsure about energy deregulation |

Nevada Gov. Sandoval unsure about energy deregulation

Cy Ryan
Special to the Nevada Appeal

Gov. Brian Sandoval says he’s still undecided on how to vote on the proposed constitutional amendment to end the monopoly for Nevada power companies.

He said Monday he voted two years ago to open the system to competition. But he said he wants to read all the reports on the pros and cons on Question 3 on the November ballot.

His State Public Utilities Commission issued a report deregulation would mean higher rates for residential customers in the first six years. But it might mean benefits initially for big users.

The governor said there are reports from a legislative committee, from the Guinn group and from those who support and those who oppose the project. He wants to give “careful” consideration to all the studies and arguments.

He said he intends to make a decision before the election but doesn’t know if he’ll make it public.

Attorney General Adam Laxalt, a GOP candidate, told a meeting in Clark County he favors competition. But Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak, the Democratic candidate for governor, favors maintaining the present system which is regulated by the Public Utilities Commission.


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