New owners at Fallon shipping company eye regional growth |

New owners at Fallon shipping company eye regional growth

Molly Moser
3-Dimension Shipping's new owners, Jesse and Valerie Segura, are excited to be serving a variety of shipping and packing services to the community at 1951 W. Williams Ave.
Molly Moser / Lahontan Valley News |

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What: 3-Dimension Shipping

Location: 1951 W. Williams Ave.

Hours: Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m. - noon; closed Sundays


FALLON, Nev. — The bustling delivery service over the holiday season this winter didn’t discourage couple Jesse and Valerie Vegura from running 3-Dimension Shipping.

If anything, the new owners are even more excited to further grow the business from prior ownership of 14 years.

Since taking over in November, the Veguras are preparing to enhance the business with more modern services — such as high-speed scanning and printing — while continuing longtime customer relationships.

“We want to expand the tradition and upgrade with new technology,” said Jesse Vegura. “We want to use cutting-edge initiatives for a speedy service without mistakes, and late or lost packages.”

Amid goals for growth are also goals to maintain 3-Dimension Shipping’s current multiple options for shipping — such as ground, air, and freight delivery — at attainable prices, Jesse said.

“Although we both grew up in Fallon and know some people, it’s still a great way to get to know more members of the community,” Valerie said about the importance of operating a local business in town and growing a strong customer base.

The shop’s previous owners, Alice and Dave Hoffman, recently retired after 14 years of running the business. The couple originally moved to Fallon from Texas to open UPS in town for 10 years, until they transitioned out of the franchise to become independent business owners.

The Hoffmans aren’t planning to leave Fallon; even after working 12-hour shifts on a regular basis during ownership, they still enjoy stopping by the shop and assisting the Veguras when needed.

Alice Hoffman said she appreciates the Veguras, who are committed to carrying out the same goals for customer satisfaction.

“It’s hard to let go and it’s not simple buying a business and transferring everything,” Alice said. “But I couldn’t ask for better people to take over. They will have a healthy store.”

Jeff Christiansen — of Fallon’s well-known Jeff’s Copy Express and Digitex Printing on Maine Street — also is helping the Veguras’ new venture by putting the word out to his customers.

“They are going to do a great job,” Christiansen said about the Veguras. “We want to thank our customers for their business. With this change taking place, we thought our customers would be in good hands.”

Once they build an even stronger establishment within the community, the Veguras — who have three children: Rio, 9; Ryder, 6; and Ella, 3 — hope to open more stores throughout the region to offer services to customers beyond Fallon.

“We appreciate the help from Jeff and the Hoffmans,” Jesse Vegura said. “We care about this community and we want to provide the same services with more.”


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