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A letter to readers and advertisers of the NNBW

Brooke Knight Warner

Here we go again! Dynamic times demand continuous innovation for businesses to thrive. As a media company, that’s certainly true for us, too.

For the last 15 years, the Northern Nevada Business Weekly (affectionately known as the NNBW) has actively embraced that ethos to best serve the greater Reno business community. Those of you who have been with us during that time have seen many changes to the region, and to our publication. While we don’t always get it right, we have listened diligently to you, our audience, all along. And, now, you’ve told us it’s time for us to do it again.

We know that we’re more than just a paper to you. We’re who you turn to for information critical to your success; and we take that role seriously. As a result, we’re moving more of our resources to the things you’ve told us you want and need. In fact, you’ve probably already noticed an uptick in specialty publications, topically relevant emails, e-editions and an increase in meaningful events designed to bring new voices, expert perspectives and relevant information to you in person.

Also, like many of you, we are mindful of our impact on the environment and welcome new opportunities to make our values and our actions align.

So, it’s with pride that I’d like introduce you to the following changes:

• First, the NNBW will become a monthly publication called the Northern Nevada Business View; the final edition of the NNBW will publish on May 14. The June 2018 issue of the NNBV, published and distributed May 28, will be our first. The new magazine will come to you in a less disposable, more collectible format, allowing you to save and refer to the news, research and other resources well into the future, and at your convenience. We’ve heard that something worth subscribing to should be something worth keeping! Subscribers please note, all the features, inserts and discounts you’ve come to count on will still be there, available only to you. We are decreasing our frequency, not our volume, quality or value to you!

• Second, your time matters. Our digital and video products will continue to expand, allowing you to access what you want, from where you want — at your desk or on your phone on the go.

• Third, the wonderful new events and special publications our publisher, Kirsten McGregor, has created have really resonated with the community. We are committed to them as a large part of our NNBV future. To give her more time to dedicate to their success, Kirsten’s role will change to focus on bringing you even more. The monthly magazine will be led by one of Swift Communications’ experienced publishers, Ben Rogers. Ben has great local knowledge and is a familiar face among Reno businesses.

• Finally, as a result of these changes, we will be saving tons of paper and fossil fuel, and will be shrinking both our carbon footprint and the waste we send to the landfill.

That sounds like a pretty bright future for us all.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Ben Rogers at brogers@swiftcom.com, or to your advertising representative using his or her contact information.

Best Wishes,

Brooke Knight Warner

Brooke Knight Warner is general manager of the Sierra Nevada Media Group, which produces the Northern Nevada Business Weekly and the new Northern Nevada Business View.

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