Projections through 2019 show good news for the Silver State |

Projections through 2019 show good news for the Silver State

Special to NNBW

Job levels in Nevada are projected to exceed the pre-recession peak by 127,000 at the end of 2019, according a report presented to Nevada's Economic Forum by chief economist Bill Anderson for the Research and Analysis Bureau of the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation. By the end of 2019, 33,000 more jobs are expected to be added than previously forecasted in December.

"This latest report is good news for the state of Nevada," Anderson said in a press release. "Projections are showing continued solid growth in the labor market, with all sectors experiencing notable improvements. The Silver State has much to be proud of considering how far it has come since taking such a tremendous hit during the recession. Looking at the continuous improvement in all of the economic indicators, we remain optimistic about Nevada's future."

Essentially all sectors are expected to add jobs. By the end of 2019, 54,000 jobs are projected to be added in construction since bottoming out, Anderson added. Construction growth is driven by Las Vegas convention center, Raiders' stadium, data centers, warehousing, large manufacturing facilities and residential housing. Manufacturing is expected to add 14,300 jobs through 2019, mostly driven by the Tesla project.