Reno production company wins Emmy for opioid addiction documentary |

Reno production company wins Emmy for opioid addiction documentary

NNBV staff report
The "Prescription for Hope" production team holds their Emmy awards on June 15. From left: Tyler Bourns, Austin Bassi, Steve Dickson, Jesse McCloskey, Alphonse Polito, Eric Bonnici and Josh Birchfield. Not pictured are Paul Klein, Jim Gustafson, Kellie Sasso and Bryon Evans.
Courtesy Three Sticks Productions

RENO, Nev. — Three Sticks Productions, a Reno-based video production company, has won an Emmy award for best documentary for the film, “Prescription for Hope: Overcoming Nevada’s Opioid Epidemic.”

The Emmy was announced on June 15 in Las Vegas and presented by Emmy award-winning actor Brad Garrett (earned his role as Ray Romano’s big brother, Robert Barone, in Everybody Loves Raymond”).

The 29-minute opioid documentary was one of four nominees, selected from 26 original entries, for the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Pacific Southwest Chapter.

Eric Bonnici, Vice President of the Nevada Broadcasters Association (left), and Alphonse Polito, Producer and Director at Three Sticks Productions, smile with their Emmy awards on June 15 in Las Vegas.
Courtesy Three Sticks Productions

The film follows the lives of several Nevadans who have experienced the loss of a loved one due to opioids, and the constant battle and power of hope to overcome an opioid addiction.

“On behalf of the team, we are honored that ‘Prescription for Hope’ won an Emmy award for best documentary,” Alphonse Polito, Producer and Director at Three Sticks Productions, said in a June 17 statement. “We are grateful that it has raised awareness about the epidemic and we were honored to share these powerful stories by Nevadans that shed light on the opioid crisis, while also inspiring a message of hope.”

The Nevada Broadcasters Association and Eric Bonnici were the executive producers on the documentary.

According to the June 17 statement, Three Sticks Productions, Nevada Broadcasters Association and Nevada Department of Health and Human Services are currently working on new documentaries “that will further break down the stigma associated with opioids and continue to give hope to those affected.”

The documentaries will be released later this year. To view the Prescription for Hope documentary, visit


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