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Upbeat vibes help your business thrive

Tom Fitzgerald

Energy is something we all identify with because it is such an integral part of being alive. Energy from others always surrounds us like air. Because we interact with so many humans on a daily basis, our awareness of other’s energy is always turned on. Thus, we form judgments of others based on how we read their energy.

Everyone has their own method of feeling energy. Some read a person’s body language. Others listen to the tone of voice. And others observe unspoken emotions. These signs are given by humans, and how they affect the observer depends on whether or not the sender is positive or negative.

Energy has been called vibrations or vibes and much social context has been created over these words. The Beach Boys had a hit song called “Good Vibrations.” In Reno we have Street Vibrations.

Pets especially feel people’s energy. I have watched dogs approach some people with tails wagging wanting to be petted, then stay away and even growl at others. These pets are reading the energy exuded by each person and make their decisions based on that energy.

So what does energy have to do with the workplace? Do we all have to become mystics? Is this just one more item to add to an already overloaded work plate? Understanding energy is important because at work we interact with co-workers, customers, management and suppliers. Each day we also become a variety of these customers when we shop, highway travelers when we drive, and neighbors when we get home. Our energy is affected by all of these encounters during which everyone reads everyone else’s energy either consciously or subconsciously.

Many companies have struggled to remain in business for the past few years, as managers and executives worked on various strategies to convince their customers to stay and not seek other providers. Success in this would minimize the downsizing potential a company faces with declining sales. Downsizing of course means fewer employees to interact with remaining customers.

As successful as some of these strategies might have been, if you the employer have bad vibes, then you may have passed them on to your customers and employees. If the customer was turned off by the negative energy of your employee, the strategy probably failed.

When you say one thing but mean something opposite, or when you think you are hiding your intent, your energy changes. Comforting words do not hide irritation. Forced smiles do not conceal dislike. Feigned interest does not cover up discomfort. The customer senses your real intent.

This energy awareness is very important if employees and customers necessary for a business’ success are to be cultivated. Employees want to understand their job roles and to be considered part of the team that makes the company a success. They want to believe in their supervisors. They want to know that what is being told to them is the way it is. They want to check your vibes and be confident you have shared the truth.

Customers are constantly bombarded with pitches from your competitors to convince them to leave you. Change however, is often uncomfortable and unpredictable. When reading a company’s vibes through its representatives, customers want assurance that staying the course is definitely to their benefit. Negative energy hastens the change to a new provider.

So if energy vibrations are so easily felt, it stands to reason that negative energy brings negative reactions. Think about the times you have been in a store seeking service, and the employee charged with helping you has been negative: ignores you, keeps talking on the phone, complains about the management when answering you, acts put upon when you seek service, etc. What are the typical reactions to this?

Often, you storm out of the facility determined to tell everyone you know to never use that company. Or you tweet or Facebook your “friends” so the negativity can go viral. Or you determine that company does not deserve to profit in your community.

Positive energy on the other hand brings positive results almost in inverse proportion to expectations. Positive responses are when you ask a simple question and the employee pleasantly takes you through the steps, and asks if you need other input. Or the employee apologizes on behalf of the company and offers a positive solution to your problem. Or the company follows up to insure your problem was properly solved. Any of these cause you to feel better about the company and its employees and usually makes you glad you are their customer.

The differences between positive and negative vibes is often the difference between a smile and a frown from the employee. Maybe the last employee (with a frown) you encountered sent your blood pressure higher but the next employee (with a smile) makes you feel great about all of the jobs your firm creates.

If your constantly irritating small time customer finally pushes too hard and has announced it is leaving after all of your efforts to serve them, it is easy to put a negative spin on their action. However, when the phone next rings, it could be the start of a new and best customer relationship in your company’s history thereby creating some very positive synergy for all.

Seeing the positive side in all events is a great use of energy. It makes you feel better, which makes your employees feel better, which will help your customers feel better, which then makes you feel better, which keeps the energy good flowing. Positive is definitely better.

To help keep those vibes upbeat, download a copy of “Good Vibrations” on your smartphone and prior to any sales call or company meeting, listen to it!

Tom Fitzgerald is chief executive officer of Nevadaworks. Contact him through Nevadaworks.com.


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