Vidler ready to build pipeline |

Vidler ready to build pipeline

NNBW Staff

Vidler Water Co. last week began seeking bids for a 10-mile pipeline project that’s estimated to cost about $8 million.

The company expects a contractor will begin work on the pipeline between Carson City and Lyon County this spring, with completion by the end of the year.

Vidler has reached an agreement with Lyon County and Carson City to build the pipeline that will connect the two municipal water systems and also will allow Vidler to annually transfer 2,000 acre feet of water enough for about 4,000 homes to the Dayton Valley.

Dayton-area developers will fund the Carson-Lyon Intertie Project, says Dorothy Timian-Palmer, president of Carson City-based Vidler Water.

“By connecting it we can move water resources from the Carson system to Lyon County for new development, which pays for the infrastructure,” Timian-Palmer says. “It ties the two service areas together. We fund the infrastructure, and both Lyon and Carson benefit.”

Joining the currently separate municipal water systems also allows exchanges of water in case of fire, contamination or during peak demand.


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